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Can you read the encrypted message (?)
 for it's revealing itself to Us, as Time unfolds.

Thank-you for participating.

(peace has arrived)

by Sage

$60 per hour 
(60 min. reading)
                   Receive an hour long intuitive reading by Sage with over 20 years experience with the Tarot . Sage owned a bookstore in Berkeley Springs WV and gave service to many locals as well as tourists. One of those tourist happened to work for Oprah's Walking for Water campaign many years ago. Sage also read for many high profile people coming from out of the area such as California and Washington DC as well as NY.
          If you were ever looking for a first time reading, this would be the time to give it a try! For those who are already familar with readings, getting one from Sage is quite different from the rest. She is very personal, engaging and offers much insight into where you've been and where you're heading.
Take the time, and make the call!
and may you always wander in the direction your  Spirit guides...
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