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 for it's revealing itself to Us, as Time unfolds.

Thank-you for participating.

(peace has arrived)

by Sage

Basic Astrology Classes  coming 
Janurary 2015 

Gulf Coast University, 
Punta Gorda, FL.
The Open Studio, Englewood, FL.

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Readings by Sage
$60 per hour 
(60 min. reading)

          If you were ever looking for a first time reading, this would be the time to give it a try!  For those who are already familar with readings, getting one from Sage is quite different. She is very personal, engaging and offers much insight into where you've been and where you're heading.
and may you always wander in the direction your  Spirit guides...

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FOR Maya & Oprah
Into The Heart Of Me 

      Your eyes shine like the sun upon the sea, soft and shimmering, sharp and clear but can they see into the hearts of many who long for peace and yet rejoice with those who have it. . .truly seeing, He, the Alpha, the Omega. 
    Your lips are tempting, tasteful and desirable but can they taste the bitterness of many whose lives are wrought with pain and injustice and yet rejoice with those who are filled with joy. . .tasting God's sweetness. 

Your shoulders and back are wide and brazen ~ capable of carrying so much but can they sustain the world's burden to help shelter others, feed and nourish and yet also sustain oneself among those who need not a thing. . .for He has already come. 
    Your arms are built of solid mass and give to the eye sureness of strength but can they help to uplift mankind out of its darkest despair and yet raise up to the heavens. . . exalting the very One, the Creator of All. 

Your hands are ready to do what they must, to build, create, ensure survival but can they touch the very young and the very old renewing their spirits and yet place thy hands together. . .  in order to pray and to worship our God of Light. 

  Your soul is warm, willing and able but can it passionately guide those who long for union with the Almighty Spirit, yet waiver not. . .and have the wisdom to know the difference. 

      Your legs are swift and prepared to go the distance, giving you your freedom, your space but can they carry you to the ends of the earth, freeing those still in bondage. . .and yet run joyfully claiming the victories sent from above. 

Your feet can tread thousands of miles across this great earth,but can they walk among all; the rich and the poor, black and white, sick and well and yet rest awhile so many may be among your presence. . .to gain strength peace feel the God within. 

Your mind is quick, decisive and aware of life's many complications, but can it understand the confusion caused by mass communication, when a simple touch would transcend and fill the hearts of many. . .with God's pure love, joy and understanding. 

      Your heart may be the source of all your boy's functioning, the vital force of life but can it remain open to the fullness of pure love, bringing harmony back from chaos throughout this world and yet be humble. . .knowing its true self exists only because of the Holiest of Holies. 

     Your body is strong, made to show others its greatness and stamina ~ but can it sacrifice such beauty for a life of servantry, serving only the needs of others, of mankind and yet bow down in the deepest admiration. . .giving all honor to the God of its making, accepting His grace. 

   Your eyes shine like the scorching sun upon the desert sandsbut can they really see into the heart of me? 

      FOR the heart of me is the multitudes of many who come with open wounds and loving eyes waiting and hoping to be touched, to be healed, to beloved. . .  

Poet Sherri Lynn Zimmerman (Sage)
Poem Into The Heart Of Me from Sherri's poetry book 
The Great White Owl ~simple, sacred poetry ©1999  
(ISBN 0-9663904-5-8 / out of print at the current time)

Poem written in September of 1996 

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