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   Beth O'Reilly  
A Healing Mudra Pose After years of modern dance training and performing, Beth began her yoga practice in 2000.    
She quickly discovered that a regular yoga practice could reduce stress, heal injuries, and deepen her connection to what she values most in life.
After years of practice as a student,   Beth was ready to take her yoga to the next level - as an instructor. She achieved her teacher training certification through CorePower Yoga 2007 and completedtraining programs with Silver Age Yoga and Dynamic Systems Rehabilitation in 2005. 
    Beth is the South San Diego
Area Leader.
   Whether creating custom classes for individuals with disabilities or teaching classes in the studio, Beth draws upon her alignment based dance background to create a fun
yet mindful practice for her students.
Her love and passion for yoga shine through.      
   Beth has a Bachelor’s of Science Degree from SDSU
in Kinesiology with a specialization in Fitness, Nutrition and Health.   
When she is not at the yoga studio she enjoys hiking, attending dance concerts and exploring new restaurants!  
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RaMaDaSa - Snatam Kaur - Love Vibration
Translation - Raa- SunMaa- MoonDaa- Earth Saa- Impersonal infinitySaa Say- Totally of infinitySo- Personal sense of merger and identityHung- The infinite vibrating and realThis song ...
 The Stone Pose  
The Stone Pose
Sit firmly on ground in a comfortable position. 
Draw both knees to chest. 
Arms wrap around 
below knee area. 
Head rests on top of knees.
(as shown above)

Physically helps
THIS region:   Stretches all regions of neck, back, hips 
groin area.  
Mentally helps
THIS region: 
Closes out all visual distractions.

Emotionally helps
THIS region: 
Brings complete balance to the emotions' for as we quiet the mind, we quiet the emotions.

Spiritually helps THIS region: 
 This position draws one’s spirit within deeper, creating deep stillness within ~
an oasis of peace.

Please Note:  
Good opening pose after basic exercises & good closing pose to*"Return to Home."
Also, the 2nd best for deep trauma & loss of any kind next to Child’s pose. 
The longer Stone pose is held, the deeper effects one experiences. 
*Don’t hold pose too long, 
if not very flexible.

(some samples below)
Click on pic below to enlarge 
 Email Beth:
Shannon Ayars
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Mantra de Protección para el hogar - Satigur Kar Deenai
@VictoriaPazOK TwMantra for Protecting Your Home: Satigur Kar DeenaiMantra para la Protección de su hogar: Satigur Kar DeenaiSatigur kar deenai asthir Ghar baar Jo jo Nind karai en grihan Ke...
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Craig Pruess and Ananda Devi Prayer Sacred Chants Of Devi
Buy the song here song holds a significant meaning to me.Visit to find out why.Want to buy an mp3 to play it on? Go here. http:/...

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