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Astrology as we know, is an ancient science and reading a astrology chart is an art.

It is a road map that we actually chose before we came into this lifetime, to guide us through our evolving sou's journey. IN other words, it's an x-ray of our soul.

By looking at various aspects, we can better understand humanity on a whole different level. If I want to see how someone's thinking processes operate, how someone takes in information, I would look to their Mercury sign, house sign and any aspects to it.

If I want to see what someone holds dear to their heart, what and how they LOVE, I would look to both their Venus and their Moon signs and houses they occupy. If I want to see how someone deals with their emotions, I will look to the Moon, house position and any aspects to it. What kind of mother, they experienced in this lifetime, I also would look to the moon (or what aspect your children will see of YOU as a Mother).

If I want to see what you are suppose to be learning "THIS TIME AROUND", we would look to your North Node. We can also see what you have brought into this lifetime from other lifetimes, by looking at your South Node.

We are not JUST our Sun Signs. We are made up of 10 planets that encompass our whole astrological chart that is so personal, that its liken to a fingerprint. 

My studies in astrology has been over a 30 year span of time, and yet there is always more to learn. Though I can see some health situations, I am not advanced in the Medical branch of Astrology. If you are interested in this area, I would suggest researching someone that specializes in that area. However, I can see some things you may not be aware of in that area.

If interested in a basic astrology reading, it would include an overall chart review, with some suggestions to help aide you through your journey. A copy of your chart will be included for the cost of reading.


Suggested Donation
90 minutes

CALL SAGE at 941-883-8822


I also teach BASIC ASTROLOGY at Down To Earth: Apparel and Gifts located in Port Charlotte Florida. If interested in this 6 week course, contact me and we will put you on the list for our next course coming up!

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