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     House clearings are a way to help bring back balance into your home that may have attracted "psychic dust" from many years of build up from not cleaning the air. It is like living with pollution inside your home, or can be seen as an  infestation of nasty bugs. 
     Often, there is negative energy residue that may have accompanied the home prior to you, through living people that occupied the home before you. Earthbound spirits may have also found a place to nest as well as some darker energies residing that may be lingering on, in unexpected areas of your home.

      We assist in removing unwanted negative or stagnant energies and re-balance your space so it feels more light and comfortable for you and your family.

Our service is a 3 step process, carefully designed to help begin the necessary evacuation of the negative: 
Remove negative energy,
Cleanse what's left and 
Re-energize with pure Light inside and outside of your home. 

Yes, we believe in clearing the surrounding space outside of your home as well as the inside.

Besides clearing with WHITE SAGE,
ONE of the major ways in which we do this is by CALLING ALL ANGELS.
We specifically work with not only the major 7 ARCHANGELS but also the personal 72 BIRTH Angels that are called Birth Angels. These 72 BIRTH Angels  are connected to each of us by the way of our birth month and day (which we will collect from you at the time of assessment for the brief ceremony).



    I have done extensive study of the worlds unseen in both the world of Light and the world of Negative Energies through both books, conversations with others, and documentaries. It has also touched my life at times, unknowingly of its inception, until it was revealed to me a few years ago in deep meditation.  
     Having been blessed by Mother Mary's appearance at the young age of 9, I felt in some way, I was meant to be of service to help others restore balance from the sinister negative energies that can surround us to much  holier energies,  
for better  health,  and peace  within.

      White Spirit told me of a dream not long ago, in which 4 Major Archangels appeared one night.  In this amazing dream, these Archangels were attending to a matter of which included her family members. When I heard this from White Spirit, and having a lot of knowledge about the dream world, I knew without a shadow of a doubt, this wasn't just an ordinary dream. 

            Quickly, I informed her that these  4 Major Archangels were appearing in literal form, not symbolically. This was huge! It told me of the clarity of her own spirit. It was because of this, I have asked White Spirit if she would like to be apart of this service in which we would assist others find some peace through house clearings.  Excited, she agreed, without much thought.

      OUR personal connection began as neighbors for a brief time, but over time, we established a good friendship, and therefore, came to trust one another's intuitive gut feelings and honor each other's viewpoints. 

We believe in our Work.


PRICES listed below 
are according to house, apartment, business building size.

Suggested Donations:

Under 2000 square feet - $130

Over 2000 square feet - $180

Over 3000 sq. ft. - $280

     Time of procedure varies from one and a half hours to 3 hours, not counting the initial consultation by phone and in person (one hour total).

       When we have completed our work, we do have few special items that we leave for you to help continue keeping the air "clear" and some instructions, as well.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at


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