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Contacts With The Other Side
I refer to myself (as I was guided to do so) ~ A Vessel for God ~
also known as Goddess, Great Spirit, Creator of All, Universal Mind etc.

and I work primarily with YOUR loved ones who have transformed... however, I do find that the messages that come through contains information from the angelic realm as well.
I often work openly with all the angels
but my preference is Archangel Gabriel.
     I enjoy reaching out to loved ones
on the Other Side who remain with us daily;
waiting for us to realize this. 
With my licensed CNA background of 20 yrs.,
I often pick-up on various health issues with
helpful remedies and insights ~
(always consult a licensed physician if desired).
 Suggested Donation
(45 minutes)

 *Having a party along with a psychic is one of the greatest ways to connect with your guests in ways of either Taroh readings or contacts with Loved Ones on the Other Side.
Lower group rates given with groups of 5 or more.
*Readings available by phone or email.
Connection is always possible...
(How I Work)
I  *imagine 
ALL loved ones on the Other Side gathered together 
and I ask YOUR loved one to step forward...
then after a few minutes of conversing with them... 
I begin to write whatever I see, hear or feel which comes in many forms. Sometimes its a flash, or other times it is a slow picture that is revealed to me. Other times, its through music I hear and get the message... 
I am the recorder of all that they bring forth to reconnect you with them. 
...the final ending for your reading is called the P.S.note... 
which simply means that when I (we) are ready to end our conversation... I ask if there is anything else they would like to say to you before we close... and the reading is complete.
I always "thank" the Loved One as in respect for their stepping forward to help us both understand something more deeply  within ourselves and for the world at large.
Peace & may you always rest in the
pure knowledge and Wisdom,
the Angels breathe within you,
                      when you least expect it...
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