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Imagine Peace NOW - Peace NOW for a changing world...
Living in a D.I.D. World
(Dissociative IdentityDisorder)
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  This page is dedicated to the amazing 
Truddi Chase 
author of  When Rabbit Howls and for all those living with 
Dissociative Identity Disorder

This one's for YOU. . .

For those who know little about Dissociative Identity Disorder....

Truddi Chase 
first appeared on Oprah in 1990. 
             It was said, that Oprah did not receive much support from her staff 
on her final decision to interview Truddi. 
        Thank God Oprah followed her intuition
and she did interview Truddi. 
And Truddi's story swept the nation. 
              *Every 2 minutes, somewhere in America, someone is sexually assaulted. And about 44% of rape victims are under the age of 18.  
**Three out of every 20 victims are under the age of 12.

According to SARSSM ~ 
(SexualAssault ResponseServices of Southern Maine).
              AND According to the Bureau Justice Services, 
(for victims under age 12,)
4-year-olds were at the greatest risk of being a victim of sexual assault.
               Most all who have been sexually abused under age 7 yrs. or have endured a long series of  physical or sexual abuse as children have
"split" into many personalities. 

But to this day, shockingly, there are those with "degrees of all kinds" that still do not believe in this survival mechanism. 
We can only offer them forgiveness of their ignorance and release them.
                All of us who have read Truddi's book of horror as well as one of TRUE INSPIRATION surely learned that though we become divided into many, we can still live a productive life... 
though different than the average person. 
            We bring with us a strength of a different kind.  

And if we're wise, offer understanding to those who can
hardly imagine what it must be like. 
Share your story. Educate. 
Thank you Truddi
for giving back our dignity.

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