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      From age 12 until 17, I spent most of my days at the local barbershop that my father and brothers attended... learning the art of barbering. I received an apprenticeship at 16 and became a full pledged barber at 18. 

      It was the year 1983, when I opened my very first barber shop business. I was 21 years old. It was a miracle.. and a huge success.

      I was divorced with two young children (under age 3), and was on welfare. I had no business education, and opened with only $14 to my name. On top of this, I had had a severe nervous breakdown the year before, and the year before that.

      If not for the moral support of my family, my faith in Spirit and the wisdom to know that I was being led by a world unseen to the naked eye, it would have never happened. 
It changed my world and my perception of how things operated.

      I moved from New Jersey in 1985 to the SW Florida area known as Port Charlotte Florida. In 1991, I became a Certified Nurse's Aide and chose the Home Health Field for the next 20 years. I loved helping those unable to help themselves due to illnesses of many kinds. 

       called SUCCESS AFTER INSANITY: Healing Hearts of the Mentally Ill

     But I found myself, once again, experiencing mental break downs. This continued for the next 15 years. Spending years in therapy did help in one area in particular and that was...

  learning the reality of living with D.I.D. Dissociative Identity Disorder .

     Childhood sexual abuse will ALWAYS make one "split" into many.
 It is one's only way to survive and continue to live. 

     It first occurred at the age of 5, by a stranger who lived near by and happened again, another year later, by a family doctor., for a few years. My memories are clear of these intrusive violent acts upon my soul.

     It is the very reason why those who have been sexually abused struggle so long and so hard in this physical life... to maintain balance.

     Sexual abuse and also domestic violence, breaks down the barriers of protection and one is often taken advantage of in more ways than one. But thank God I remembered, that I chose this life in order to accomplish my soul's mission here on earth.

      However, it also gives one the ability to communicate with the deceased - if one chooses. 
Or to be highly in tuned with the hidden aspects of life.

      I believe as a child, when my life was at its darkest, a special energy surrounded me 
to give me strength when I had none left within.

     This spirit revealed itself as "Sage" upon my later teen years.
     It is my ultimate guide.

     At the age of 54, through my first DNA testing, I found out that I had been born with a gene defect known as MTHFR. It is suppose to be responsible for the 35 years I have lived in and out of mental facilities.

     THIS gene defect is becoming the latest on the horizon of medical discoveries. I suggest if you are someone who has suffered with infertility, autism, or suffered with any kind of mental incapacities, a heart condition...just to name a few...please go to Dr. Ben Lynch's site www.MTHFR.NET

     He is one of the leading experts in these fields.

     I am still hoping to open a healing center on the 5 acres in the mountains in WV, I purchased in 2005. NOW that I have the last piece of my puzzle with this DNA test, I am ready. 

                                              A HEALING CENTER FOR THE SOUL.

      AS always, Follow the Path so Divine for you, Designed for you. 

      We'll be in touch as time progresses.

                                                           Sherri L. Zimmerman - Sage

In 2006, I owned and operated a bookstore in Berkeley Springs WV and gave many readings to locals as well as tourists. One of the tourist that visited was one of Oprah's "Walking for Water" campaign supervisors. Just one of many interesting people I have crossed paths with!



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