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ACTOR & Senior Producer of Scandal 

& How To Get Away With Murder

Tommy began his career as an actor.

Through time, he moved up and onward to become

prominent in making great TV shows... 

Tommy is my first cousin. 

My mother "Sandy" and Tommy's mother "Betty" are sisters. 

My Aunt Betty and Uncle Tom raised their children in Havertown Pa where as children, us cousins 

hung out during the many summers. 

Or they would come to our home in Merchantville NJ.

As a child, I always remember Tommy as always kind

and giving, as he is still today. 

Missing you Tommy and Kira!

My Cousin TOMMY & Kira (his wife)

Cousin Tommy met Kira, fell in love, and the rest is history.

They have grown into a family of four and enjoy all of what life has to offer... we wish them continued happiness!


My Sweet Cousin

Tommy My Cousin on Seinfeld 1993

Funny but TRUE Story!

I could never forget this episode because of this 

very funny and TRUE story I am about to tell you!

THIS year of 1993, was one of the times I found myself in another mental hospital, though it was actually a local crisis center. This will be the beginning of a long run that I would be visiting this place over the next 20 years.

While there this one evening, all of us patients were in the main room watching Seinfeld, before we were made to go to bed. 

Well, as crazy as it sounds, as I am intently watching the show, (TV really helped pass the time), 

THERE ON THE SCREEN was my cousin Tommy kissing Elaine! 

Well of course, I pointed at the TV excited and was yelling,

 "That's my cousin Tommy!" and then slowly watched everyone, including the night time guy Steve, 

start cracking up laughing.... and I said "NO, REALLY!" 

with a big smile on my face, to see my cousin on the screen... 

Of course, no one really believed me

AND I thought to myself, "Wow, how interesting, AND how crazy is that!" (LOL) It was obvious to me that they were wondering just how far out I was!! I always tell people about that story because it just cracks me up, every time. 

In real life, sometimes, you just have to believe the crazy person. Or at least, check out their story before you render them completely nuts!

Tommy Verica

How To Get Away With Murder Flashbacks

What a Thriller....

Video Title

How He Started.... at 19 years old.

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