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Secretsof the Universe

          Where HOME is the Dimension of your Soul...


 Preview: Show Debut of Secrets of the Universe - 
Video 1: Guest Renee Bledsoe - Video 2: Guest Astrologer Dawn

Video 2 ~ Special Guest: Astrologer Dawn


Astrologer Dawn brings to us today some revelations about the planetary aspects of what's happening with the United States birth chart. How as a country, we are having a Pluto Return at this current time and what that means for us as a nation.

She is trained in Natal and Relocational Astrology, Advanced Tarot as well as, Human Design and Numerology.  Dawn’s sessions include a blend of the alternative, traditional, metaphysical, and practical to assist, validate and empower the client’s journey. 

Astrologer Dawn brings clarity, insight, direction, and guidance to those who choose to evolve and believes, when you understand who you are, as seen through Astrology and Human Design Charts, you can create a life experience that works for you.

Contact Astrologer Dawn:

Video 1 ~ Special Guest: Renee Bledsoe


Rev. Renee Bledsoe minister and founder of Church of Spiritual Light, and All Faith Spiritual Community and New Earth Church in Fort Myers Florida.

Rev. Renee Bledsoe is minister and founder of Church of Spiritual Light, an All Faith Spiritual Community and New Earth Church in Ft. Myers, Florida. She is an intuitive soul coach and mystery teacher, bringing education and programs which support and advocate for integrative energy medicine and a more holistic approach to health and well-being on all levels. Helping people find and activate their purpose and personal power is her medicine and art.

Author of 101 Ways to Raise Your Vibration 

on the Medicine Wheel....

Contact Renee:

Secrets of the Universe Shows

Special Guest: Sheila Kadeer


Psychic Medium Sheila Kadeer shares with us, her past work in the corporate field as well as working as a Police officer and detective before she moved into her deeper life work of spiritual healer and Reader. She became a Business Intuitive to help others get more clearer with their concerns on business affairs.


Sheila Kadeer is an Intuitive Business and Marketing Strategist for introverted and empathic entrepreneurs. As an accomplished marketing professional within the IT and communications arena, she managed a multi-million-dollar portfolio of high-tech products. She holds the CIM Diploma in Marketing and a Diploma in Management Studies.


A former police officer, Sheila became one of the first Specially Trained Officers, dealing with victims of serious sexual crime, to be appointed within her force. Leaving the force after 11 years due to chronic back pain from wearing protective equipment she became a Private Investigator and has trained as a Psychic Detective.


Author of The Sensitive Soul Oracle Cards, 

and co-author of the kindle best seller Born For This! 

The Journey To Success in Life, Love and Business.


Contact Sheila: 

Special Guest: Michele Granberg


 In this conversation, we explore what it really means to be 

"spiritually evolved" in regards to the animal world. 


With a background in counseling & psychology, Michele Granberg, MA, is a Mindset Coach, Hypnotherapist and Meditation teacher. 


She is a dynamic sought-after workshop leader, trainer and presenter on a variety of topics.


Michele's philosophy: One's emotional and physical issues arise from a fundamental disconnect from one's true spiritual essence.

You can reach Michele for personal sessions free of charge here.


Contact Michelle



Special Guest: Sarah Breskman Cosme


Sarah Breskman Cosme is a certified Master Hypnotherapist, 

a level 3 QHHT practitioner and a student of Dr. Brian Weiss. (QHHT: Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) 

Sarah is also the author of the groundbreaking book 


Contact Sarah:


Special Guest: Bethany Old


Returned Peace Corp. Volunteer (RPCV), Bethany     

shares her amazing life mission in helping villages in Africa. How she began, and how YOU can get involved to bring change to developing countries. 

Contact Bethany:    


Special Guest: Victor Paruta


Victor shares with us his work of both psychic medium and paranormal investigations. We cover vast information in areas of the similarities of being possessed and mental illness,

what that looks like and what can be done about it.

Victor Paruta was named “Best Psychic” by Cincinnati Magazine for his “mysteriously accurate and compelling readings.” He has appeared on ABC’s “The View” as an expert on ghosts and hauntings and on two episodes of “Beyond Belief” with host George Noory on Gaia TV, and in magazines, newspapers and on the radio. He was a regular guest and official psychic for Fox 19 TV, Q102 FM and Y96 FM in Cincinnati.

Victor is the founder of the Victory of Light Expo, 

the Midwest’s largest body, mind and spirit expo.

His psychic abilities include clairvoyance, aura reading, psychometry (reading objects), mediumship (communicating with those in spirit), reading tarot, pets as well as seeing past lives, spirit guides and angels. 

Contact Victor:

Special Guest: Karen Quiros


Since healing herself from lupus, Karen has dedicated her life to learning all she can about the marvels of natural healing, energy medicine, and spiritually. She is passionate about helping women heal themselves and teaching them how to listen to their soul for wisdom and lifelong guidance.

Karen has run the wellness practice, Balanced Wellness Consulting, since 2001. This is where she guides and supports clients desiring to heal themselves naturally using her experience and training as a nurse, craniosacral therapist, nutritionist, Reiki Master, quantum biofeedback specialist, and sound healer, along with meditation and yoga.

Karen created the Happiness Compass© to be a life-changing online workshop that teaches women how to connect with the wisdom of their Soul for guidance to create a healthy, joy-filled, deeply fulfilling life.

Facebook Group “Women Creating a Happier World”:

Upcoming book Lupus: Starving the Wolf - where she details her lupus-healing journey (late 2021)

Contact Karen:

Our Recent Work

Special Guest ~ Lana McAra


Lana McAra helps people feel younger. Working with clients over the years, she discovered that many symptoms associated with aging are an accumulation of emotional distress and painful memories that affect the body. After clearing the body and the mind of this residue, her clients feel refreshed and renewed. They look and act younger—and they certainly enjoy life a lot more, whatever their age.

Lana is an inspirational speaker and award-winning, best-selling author and ghostwriter of more than 30 books with a million books sold. Her most recent release is Never Date a Narcissist Again available on

Visit her web site at to receive a free audio download “Throw Away Negative Thoughts in 7 Minutes or Less.”

Special Guest ~ Keira Lani


With more than 15 years experience as a healing arts practitioner, Keira Lani is the founder of Tree Gong Healing and the creator of The Healer’s Journey to Mastery. She offers virtual and live retreats, intensive training and personal mentorship.

After training for decades in multiple modalities, Keira combines ancient self healing arts with scientific body knowledge to create a powerful transformational experience. She bravely explores her inner landscape and shadow self so that she can guide you on your inner journey. 

Our Recent Work

Special Guest ~ Gayle Waxon

For 25 years I had Epileptic seizures (Epilepsy) – Grand Mal seizures and Partial Complex seizures. October 2011 I had a brain surgery at University Hospitals in Cleveland, OH. They found that I had 6 growths in my front temporal on the left side of my brain and after they did in-depth testing, they also found that my hippocampus was over-reacting and so I passed the testing for them to do an innovative surgical technique also, with my hippocampus, that they learned from developers in Japan. 

 It was called multiple hippocampal transection.

I have included an article that University Hospitals wrote about my surgery. Here is the link: 

Special Guest ~ Stephanie Funaro


Helping others heal through massage is my passion. I believe that massage is a powerful tool not only for relieving physical tension, but also to provide much needed relief from our everyday worries, and I provide a personalized experience every time.​

My main areas of focus are Deep Tissue and Trigger Point Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, and Integrative Massage, but I like to offer services such as cupping, aromatherapy and reflexology as well to enhance your experience.​

I am always continuing my education throughout the year to learn more about functional massage techniques to help my clients with their specific pain management needs.


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Our show talks about a variety of both worldwide and personal issues we face on a daily basis.

Enjoy listening to our many Psychic Mediums that appear every month and the latest topics on Metaphysical and Paranormal subjects.

We also feature many entrepreneurs, old and new ~ as well as create a space for organizations that strive to make the world a better place to LIVE..

Be a guest on an upcoming show!

If you or someone you know, might want to bring forward your special gift, talent, business, organization.... 


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