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SunPies & Minds' Eyes: 

An Astrological Instructional Art Guide For Everyday Cognitive Living 

by Augustus C.R. 

                  SunPies & Minds'Eyes is an Astrological How to Book.SunPies & Minds' Eyes                       introduces The Sun Pie Chart Method to the novelist and the advanced alike--broaching the subject of Astrology's place in everyday living. SunPies & Minds' Eyes, offers a window into the complex world of Astrology and offers a tool for bridging Astrological perspective into the lives we are living everyday. This is a bridging and meditative tool. Benefacted to all those feeling their way into The New Age.

Included here are example photos from the book.

Please contact me with any questions regarding:

*The method

*Questions regarding the creation of the chart

*Distance learning for the SunPie Methodology

For those interested in purchasing the paperback version of the book, the Look Inside Preview offered through Amazon for the Paper Copy Version of the book contains considerably more pages available for view than does the Ebook Version of the Look Inside Preview at the current time. Locate the Paper Copy Version of SunPies Minds'Eyes than navigate to the Look Inside section to access these additional pages.

For those interested in purchasing a personal customized Pre-Made SunPie Chart. 

The cost for a standard SunPie Chart is $19.99 and can be purchased only by mail. 

Instructions for purchase:

Send a postcard to 4711 Hope Valley Rd, 4-F #730, Durham NC 27707 

with a request for SunPie Chart. Include on your postcard your email address your name and phone number. I will contact you by email and share the website to place the order.

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