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My dearest Sage ~ she is gifted with wisdom & intuitiveness. 

This woman of never-ending loving energy has a strong connection to Spirit world.
I know because she has had communications with my Loved Ones of mine in the
past that no one has been able to reach & that no one has knowledge except me.

Her spiritual connection is deeper than anyone I have known.

Her ability to flow with pure energy & light has touched my soul. I strongly recommend her to anyone who truly needs a soulful guide. She is who we have
been waiting for to assist us on our Divine journey.

Her joyful & peaceful nature is highly contagious. 

I treasure her deeply.

Your Cosmic Sister Renada

Therapeutic Essential Oil Consultant

Young Living Essential Oils/Member #209630



"Passing along this information for anyone that is interested in channeling from the other side

from loved ones passed. Sage is awesome. She did 3 readings for me thus far and

were mind-blowing accurate & heart-touching.


She is excellent, such intuitiveness & a wonderful Spirit."


Lisa Rapacki

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