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BOOKS ~ The Mirror of Our Souls

Sherri also known as Sage... 

has been writing many stories 

most of her life... 

reflections that have come from deep within her mind & soul from THIS lifetime, and many more preceded. 

Here are a few of her collections already engaged in the world & a few more 

moving to fruition!

STAY TUNE for the next big adventure ~ 





BOOK By Sherri L Zimmerman

Part 1:

My growing concept of mental illness

as the mere disconnection to Spirit &

the misunderstanding or the "ignoring of" the intrinsic value of our intuition

such as:

"seeing" (Clairvoyance)

"hearing" (Clair-audience)

"smelling" (Clair-alience)

"clear tasting" (Clair-gustance)

"knowing" (Clair-cognizance)

"clear feeling" (Clair-sentience)

"clear touching" (Psychometry)


Part 2:

Others' amazing stories of seeming coincidences ~ but truly, once again,

simply "psychic connections".


Part 3:

Where we may be heading in all of THIS ~ within sometimes, the mass confusion & at other times, pure & simple living pertaining

to 'who we are & why we are here."


An old age question to some,

and yet to others, simply

"written on the subway walls,"

in the Sound of Silence....



Purpose, Passion, Presence 

Living Your Soul's Dream

By Sherri L Zimmerman

BOOK Coming Soon!

Part 1:

Between the pages of this special book, 

I reveal how Mother Mary appeared in my room, 

at 9 yrs old, upon calling her name.


Part 2:

Describes mediumship stories of loved ones 

who embodied full spirit once again. 


Part 3:

Offers a simple but powerful message that was truly inspired and channeled, to help us understand how simple,

yet sacred, the Universe's Love is for us All, & will never fail us.


To God Be the Glory, Great Things She Has Done 


Planets DO Talk!

Children's Astrology Book

by Sherri L Zimmerman


A young boy is sitting on a fence in the countryside looking up

 at the midnight sky and suddenly, the planets begin to TALK!

He begins to understand the greater meaning to his existence and how the earth has a story to tell... and in the end He Believes... that 

Planets DO Talk!

A wonderful astrology book for young readers to learn about the meanings of the planets in our Universe in relation to astrological studies.

This exciting and yet simple book, offering a Basic Key Word study guide for the serious student eager to learn astrology in relation to human nature.


Children's Astrology Book 

by Sherri L Zimmerman


Leah is a story about a young girl of 10, meets a young boy

& how they share a dream of becoming One. 


She imagines what traits this boy would have 

and what true love looks like. 


A sweet love story for those who have not forgotten

how to dream of a love and the day of wedded Union... 


This book allows the young reader to learn some basics

of astrology that can aid them in their astrological studies.

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How to TRULY Get Away With Murder

 ... of the Heart

Book by Sherri L Zimmerman

This true novel...

shows how our current judicial systems are failing, 

have always failed.... and will always continue to fail.

How it could possibly change, will change

 and has no choice but to change ~ and is changing.


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